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For more than 20 years, Shane for KIDS has devoted energy to passionately advocating for neglected youth, abused, children, hungry families, and members of our global family seeking hope. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. .

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We are building a movement on behalf of youth and families to foster hope. We are engaging our community leaders as partners for a better tomorrow. Only though you and our collective efforts, will we restore this hope to a neighbor without it.

Locally and nationally, Shane Salter through the Foundation, continues to be an effective advocate for children threatened by poverty, hunger and displacement. We travel to every corner of the globe to help people serving children and families in need.

Shane for Kids realizes Poverty, Neglect and the alarming rate of Teen AIDS aren't seasonal. That's why our year-round Fostering Hope Advocacy Initiative, school supply and toy drive gets so much attention. Devote an afternoon to making a difference and see first-hand the children and families we help daily.

Shane Salter Foundation Engages and Encourages Teen Mothers in Connecticut

 "The capacity to dream of a brighter future is the greatest gift we can give to a family or child in need."  -Shane Salter

Find your inner power by helping others

Meet Our Team

Shane Lenard Salter

President of Shane for Kids Foundation, Educator, National Advocate and Renown Author .

  • Humanitarian needs in Santa Barbra
  • Motivating Teen Moms in Connecticut
  • Building Dynamic Determined Youth
  • The David Project-Encouraging Healthy Choices for Teens with HIV

Hope in Action

Moye' Jordan Salter

Volunteer Teen Advocate.

Tiffany Monique Salter

Coordinator for Children of Addicted and Incarcerated Parents

  • Leadership building and training for organizations
  • The Ari Lennox  Fundraising Gala  supports music in schools
  • Political action in Washington, D.C
  • Mentoring and Advocating for Youth